Veggie Wings is the creation of two sisters sharing the same passion for a vegan lifestyle. We were born in Hong Kong, raised in the Netherlands, and grew up in a vegetarian household. Since birth, we have been living under the same roof, sharing similar values and outlook on life. And along the way, we discovered that we were also pursuing similar goals and dreams as we mutually inspired each other to dig into the world of veganism.

Our mission is to contribute to stopping animal cruelty with our creations. Because animals can’t speak, we speak for them!

  • Wing M


    Ever since I was young I have loved everything about art & design. Our dad is quite artsy himself. I remember always watching him draw and I secretly used his pencils and paper to draw my own still lifes or favourite disney/ anime characters. So it isn’t surprising that I have become a digital designer and why I am in charge of the illustrations, infographics, design and development of our website.

    A few years ago I saw a video how male chicks were ground up alive. Eventhough I’m not an animal lover, I still felt upset about it. From that day on I started to research more about the meat and dairy industry. I read many interesting articles and came across many shocking statistics, but a majority were just plain text or had boring images. Therefore I am eager to share my own findings with you, but designed in an easier and more attractive way for you to understand.

  • Wing H


    From a young age, I always had an undying love for sweet desserts. Everytime our mum decided to bake an apple pie, I would be the first in line to ‘help’ indulge. Honestly, I never really had a thing for baking and would only try my hand at the ‘add-water-only’ muffins. In May 2014, I came across mouthwatering vegan dessert photos on Instagram. I was amazed at how simple plant-based ingredients could create the same fluffy cakes.

    Ever since the discovery of vegan baking, I have become obsessed with exploring new ingredients and cooking methods. My new ingredients and utensils have claimed the entire kitchen by now. The exploration for plant-based food has become an adventure for me. Ultimately, my dream is to open a vegan bakery one day.