Loving Hut – Wan Chai review

Veggie Wings

Loving Hut is part of an international chain of vegan restaurants; Hong Kong has two branches. Last year we had dinner at Loving Hut in Wan Chai.

While chatting happily with each other, we actually walked right past the entrance to the restaurant. After we found out, we walked back and on our way there, two guys from Unicef approached us. They asked for our signatures. We knew they wanted to have our bank account number for monthly donations. But we declined and explained in Cantonese that we were from Europe and on a holiday in Hong Kong. For some reason, the guys just didn’t believe us. They assumed we were Hong Kong students who were studying abroad and trying hard to be “ABC” (American Born Chinese) with our accents. Like… what?

Hearing our stomachs growl, we ended the conversation and continued our search until we saw a dodgy staircase with the Loving Hut logo. Though we were a bit uncertain, we climbed the stairs to the second floor and walked in.

Veggie Wings

One side of the wall was entirely covered with menu items. There are a lot of mock meat options available but also a variety of Hong Kong Dim Sum. We spent a long time exploring the menu, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of choices and a bit clueless on how to order. While we were discussing on what to choose, the nice guy behind the counter stepped out to see whether we needed any help.

In the end we decided to go for the Vegan Tarts, Siew Mai and Vege Cutlet with Curry Sauce Japanese Style. We ordered and paid at the counter and chose the seats by the window so we could enjoy the view at night. The chairs were too low for the tables though. We waited for our number to be called and collected our food at the kitchen counter.

Veggie Wings

Vegan Tarts

The first thing that arrived were the Vegan Tarts (2 pieces for HK$ 16). One of the tarts was obviously much darker than the other, thus looking a bit over baked. The filling has a nice coconut flavour, although the crust was a bit dry. The overall taste was actually not bad at all, we just expected a little more.

Veggie Wings

Siew Mai

We never had real Siew Mai before so we don’t know what it should taste like. But this vegan version of steamed Siew Mai (HK $26) was quite good. We couldn’t make out what the filling was made of though, but it looked white and mushy.

Veggie Wings

Vege cutlet with curry sauce Japanese style

This meal set (HK$ 63) consisted of soup, vegetables, red yeast rice and the cutlet with curry sauce in a tray. The first thing that caught our eyes were the shiny vegetables. We found it too greasy. The vegetable soup was all right. It reminded us of the soup we had back home but this one was on the oily side. The cutlet was made of soy if we can remember correctly, it was very crispy on the outside. We liked the curry sauce so much we actually dipped the rice in the sauce. Wished there was more of it!

Veggie Wings

Veggie Wings

Veggie Wings

Veggie Wings

Overall impression

There were so many choices available that we had a hard time choosing; what a luxury problem! The quality of the food was quite good, the place was very clean and the prices were very affordable. If you don’t want to spend too much on food, then Loving Hut is a great option.

P.s: When we were enjoying our dinner this little guy on the window kept staring at us with his creepy smile. Kinda cute, but freaky?

Veggie Wings

  • Loving Hut – Wan Chai (愛家)

  • 2/F Luen Tai Building, 93-99 Wan Chai Rd, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
  • Mon – Sun: 11:30 – 21:30
  • www.lovinghutwanchai.com

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  1. Wow, chapeau dat jullie wijs geraakt zijn uit dat menu! Het ziet er allemaal erg speciaal uit (in de ogen van een eenvoudig Belgisch meisje dat maar af en toe eens Chinees afhaalt). 😉 Die red yeast rice, wat is dat voor iets? Smaakt dat als gewone rijst maar dan met een roze kleur ofzo?

    1. Haha we waren zelf ook een beetje geschrokken van het menu, gelukkig voor ons dat ze ook Engelse vertalingen hebben. 😛 (Er zaten wel een paar aparte dingetjes bij). We vonden de red yeast rice net iets meer smaak hebben dan normale rijst, maar het is vooral heel gezond zeggen ze. Zwarte rijst daarentegen zijn we wel helemaal fan van, heb je dat ook weleens op? 🙂

      1. Ah zo, ik had er nog nooit van gehoord! Zwarte rijst heb ik nog nooit gegeten, wel al een paar keer overwogen om zo’n pakje in m’n kar te leggen in de biowinkel, maar hij ziet er gewoon zo eng uit 😉 Misschien moet ik hem toch maar een keer proberen dan.

      2. Haha het ziet er inderdaad wel een beetje freaky uit! Het heeft een nootachtige smaak. Ik maak daar altijd sushi mee, lust je trouwens wel sushi? (aangezien je niet echt van de zeewier bent :P)