Vegan Food Festival Christmas Edition 2015

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 christmas tree cake

The first Christmas edition of Viva Las Vega’s vegan food festival took place in December last year. It was located at Gare du Nord in Rotterdam. Gare du Nord is an organic vegan restaurant in an old train compartment. How cool is that? And they even grow vegetables in their own garden.

It was within walking distance from the station. As maps and directions are not Wing M’s strongest points, we went way off track. So, Wing H. came to the rescue!

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 selfie gare du nord

Vegan Christmas Market 2015

The weather was rather cold and gloomy, but that didn’t affect our moods. The food trucks, Christmas lights and cosy fires made us feel warm inside. We first walked by the food trucks before going into the food plaza.

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 cosy fires

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 foodtruck

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 foodtruck

There was a food truck that sold fries and other snacks. They had a big display of their fries in a paper cornet. We couldn’t help ourselves and had to find out what it was made of, so we went over to touch it. The fries were squishy like a soft sponge. A woman standing behind us was smiling at our action.

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 foodtruck

Inside the food plaza were even more stands that sold vegan food and goodies. The place lacked a bit of a Christmas feel and there wasn’t enough space for people to move around. We felt very crammed when it was crowded. But we’re sure the volunteers already did their very best to provide all the necessities for all the visitors!

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 indoors meeting point

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 indoors stalls

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 indoors stall

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 lifebar stand

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 green sheep

Roti Wrap

It’s always great to see so much variety of vegan food. We came in quite early, so we wanted a good sized wrap to still the hunger. This friendly man tried his best to accommodate our needs and customised the Roti Wrap for us. Instead of the curry potatoes with onions, we got marinated soy pieces with parsley. It was a bit salty, but still very tasty!

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 roti wrap

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 making the roti wrap

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 roti wrap and vegan cookie

Vegan donut

We can’t remember where we bought this chocolate coconut donut, but we just couldn’t resist getting one. As we took a bite, we were pleasantly surprised by the yellow colour on the inside. The texture was so fluffy and it wasn’t too sweet. The melty chocolate glaze with coconut shreds really topped it off. We could’ve easily eaten a few more of this.

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 vegan donut

Loving Hut vegan waffle

We wanted to eat a warm waffle, because we hadn’t eaten one for ages. So we bought one at the Loving Hut truck. The waffle was really bland/tasteless without the agave syrup and didn’t have a ‘waffle’ flavour. It was ok, but not too impressive.

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 loving hut foodtruck

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 loving hut vegan waffle

Vegan chai latte with marshmallows

Now this was literally the best cup of chai latte we’ve ever had. The mini marshmallows on top looked super cute too. It had been a long time since we had marshmallows, so we wanted it so badly! This tiny cup was expensive, but it was absolutely worth every penny.

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 chai latte with vegan marshmallows

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 gare du nord garden

Professor Grunschnabel vegan ice-cream

It seems that it has become our habit to finish off a Vegan Food Festival with Professor Grunschnabel’s ice cream. We were instant fans of their unique ice cream flavours after the first time we tried it. This time we got the Madagascar Matcha (coconut milk, Japanese green tea powder, Bourbon vanilla and lime juice) and Siam Horapa Coco (coconut milk, Thai basil, galangal, lime leaf, lime and roasted coconut). The matcha flavour was very strong and a bit bitter, but very delicious. We absolutely loved the horapa (Thai basil) flavour! The lime and basil added a nice scent to the coconut. The unique ingredients really complemented one another.

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 professor grunschnabel matcha ice-cream

Heavenly cupcakes matcha cake

We couldn’t just leave without some cake. So we wanted to buy the matcha cake from Heavenly Cupcakes. Though we had our doubts whether they gave us the right one, because it looked and tasted more like a carrot cake. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed it every bit. And look at that glittery Christmas tree, isn’t it pretty?

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 selfie with professor grunschnabel ice-cream and christmas tree cake

Overall impression

The food festival had a very cosy vibe, but it was rather small inside the food and gift plaza. We really enjoyed photo shooting around the place. The most memorable thing has got to be the chai latte. Wish we could have another cup, but too bad there’s no Christmas edition of the vegan food festival this year. Hopefully, there will be one in 2017. Merry Veggie Christmas everyone!

Vegan Christmas Market 2015 veggie christmas banner

Vegan Christmas Market 2015

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