Veggie World Utrecht 2017

We really enjoyed the first edition of Veggie World, so we decided to go again last year. It’s no big secret that we are completely fixated on food, but luckily Veggie World provides much more. Let’s see if the second edition was new & improved as this little boy’s backpack says.

Taifun tofu

This time around we didn’t dive in the food straight away. We actually bought Taifun’s tofu first, which is also one of the first stands we saw when entering. We tried the smoked almond and sesame flavour. It’s a really firm tofu with bits of almonds and sesame inside. It has a rich smoked flavour and smelled like smoked sausages. We bought 6 packs of these.

Pumpkin spice cheesecake

Then we scanned the area to decide what to eat. And it got really crowded, as more and more hungry people came in. These cakes with popping colours by Margot Maakt ‘t were really eye-catching. We went for the pumpkin spice cheesecake, which we saved for later and it even made it all the way back home.

Waffle sandwich with ham and cheese & Speculoos waffle

We kicked off our food marathon with an amazing waffle sandwich with vegan ham and cheese from WafflesVeg. It was made on spot and the cheese was literally oozing out of the waffle, we caught the melted cheese just in time. It was a lovely sight of course and besides hearty waffles, they also serve traditional Belgian waffles.

Satays and veggie balls

We also got our favourite satays and veggie balls, though their portions shrunk in size.

Animal testing presentation

After our lunch we were at the presentation about animal testing. It was really surprising how animals are defined in the the animal testing and experimentation industry. We definitely learned some new facts and got a better understanding of this field.

IceDate ice cream

After the presentation we treated ourselves with ice cream from IceDate. Their ice cream is made of dates and cashews without added sugar. We ordered the paper boats with 8 different flavours and a cone with pumpkin seed flavour. They had a really creamy vast texture, which didn’t melt as quickly as regular ice creams.

Then we were craving for more and we had the chocolate crunch and peanut in cones the second time around. We could have easily went for a third or even fourth round. Not exaggerating!

Bon bons by Lorenz

We fell in love with these Bon bons by Lorenz at Vegfest 2016. We regretted not buying more of this goodness so we were really glad to see Lorenz again. The ginger flavour is still our favourite and we bought enough to munch on.

The Dutch Weed Burger

The Dutch Weed Burger never gets boring.


There were so many other stands with awesome products. We were constantly exploring and eating.

Overall impression

It was definitely an improvement from the first edition. There were more stands. The sound was better during presentations and most importantly there was a sitting and eating area. We had some really nice conversations with fellow vegans and vegetarians. It was so awesome, we are actually taking our mum with us this weekend!

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